🚀 Supercharge your beat sales with six months of Soundee for $97

Try Soundee for six months completely risk free.
No commissions, no fees, not even a subscription!

  • Use Soundee 100% FREE until April 2024

    Zero Commitment, Maximum Reward: Use Soundee's full suite of features with no subscription or hidden fees until April 2024.

  • Pay to learn, not to earn

    Get hands-on monthly mentorship, workshops, and guidance from the experts at HEATE to level up your marketing game!

  • Discover unique features to boost beat sales

    Uncover the power of automating your marketing efforts, deepen customer relationships, and boost sales like never before.

  • Gain access to exclusive resources & templates

    Skip the learning curve and gain access to pre-made templates to instantly utilize Soundee's unique marketing integrations

Test it yourself!

The Beat Store

No hidden fees. Keep 100% of your profits

No transaction fees, platform charges, or marketplace commissions on any paid plans — always fee-free!

Supports all major payment providers

Accepts PayPal, Stripe, GooglePay, ApplePay, major cards, and even cryptocurrency....  😉

Ultrafast checkout and delivery

Soundee outperforms other stores with quicker page loads, smoother checkouts, and faster file deliveries, as indicated by test reports.

Soundee Marketplace

Sell beats to artists & creators

Discover, collaborate, and thrive in a community designed for musical innovation. Join us in reshaping the future of music production and success in the beat-selling realm, while we collectively shape the Soundee marketplace into a valuable hotspot for producers and artists to connect.

Enjoy the unique advantage of zero commission fees across all plans. Dive in and keep more of what you earn!

what's this

Soundee Pagebuilder

The best looking beat store, made by you!

Design your web store from scratch or embed it on your own website

It's everything you need, and more!

  • Fully customizable to match your brand

    Get creative! Design you own layout and apply your personal brand colours to stand out from the competition.

  • Layout & Structure optimized for conversion

    Together with HEATE, we've tested and optimized our pagebuilder for high conversion and real results.

  • Double down on your best performing tracks

    Feature your top selling and most popular beats based on Soundee's back-end data & analytics.

  • Incentivize buyers to spend more money

    Take full advantage of bulk deals and discounts. Our enhanced checkout system will prompt buyers to spend more money.

  • Collect & Nurture Leads with seamless email marketing integrations

    Capture leads through your page, store, or exit intents and add them as contacts to your email service provider.

  • Exit Intents & Popups

    Make the most out of the traffic you're driving to your page. Exit intent popups will ensure a higher email sign up rate.

Marketing made easy

Every tool you never knew you needed

Boost your beat sales with unique Soundee features.

Transform every visitor into a potential sale!

Every email is a new opportunity. Easily gather them with Soundee and instantly integrate with Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and more. Thanks to our Zapier compatibility, there’s no email provider out of reach.

Maximize value with one-click license upgrades

With just a click, your customers can upgrades up their licenses. They gain expanded rights, while you amplify your earnings! 🚀

Dynamic countdown banners to drive sales

Let your users feel the thrill of a ticking clock. Boost conversions and create a sales surge with our captivating countdown banners, ready to deploy on both player and page builder. ⌛️

Bulk deal incentivizer

With this game-changing feature, it will be impossible for artists to NOT know about your bulk deals. Letting them save big, and you make more!

Exit intent popups

As an artist heads out, our Exit Intent Popup jumps into action. Allowing you to offer a customized deal such as a coupon and a chance to get them onto your email list as well!

All current features

With more to come! Roadmap coming soon...

upload unlimited beats

advanced sales tracking

free downloads

automated orders

unlimited embed stores

instant payments

accept cryptocurrency

keep 100% of profits

upload stems .zip files

collab & split earnings

custom voicetags

email marketing integrations

accept offers & negotiate

advanced coupons + discounts

Unlimited uploads

sell sample packs

sell services

license upgrades

custom pagebuilder

custom domains

VAT reports (EU only)

abandoned carts

facebook & google pixel

zapier integration

The most legendary collab in
the history of selling beats

Knowledge = power.

We're changing the game

My name is Robin Wesley and I’m the CEO and founder of HEATE. Our company has helped thousands of producers build profitable online stores selling beats, sample packs, or plugins. 

We work with some of the biggest names in the producer space. ProducerGrind, Sauceware, KXVII, Ed Talenti, Jay Cactus, Rujay — to name a few.

Today marks a historic day for the entire producer community. Our official partnership with Soundee will forever change the game for producers who are selling beats online.

We’ve always had the knowledge, but never the tools. Now we have both, we’re unstoppable! 🔥

Access HEATE resources

No more secrets. We’ll uncover everything you need to know about selling beats online and show you how to fully utilize Soundee features to boost sales. 


Let's face it, we're in e-commerce

We need to finally recognize ‘selling beats’ as an e-commerce business model, so we’re building the features modern e-commerce companies truly need.

10+ years of experience selling beats

Soundee is developed by producers, for producers. We’ve all been there in the trenches and we know what you’re going trough no matter where you are on your journey. Let us guide you on your next steps! 

Introducing The Soundee Launch Program

Powered by HEATE

Your have a problem if...

"your traffic is up but sales are down."
"you put effort into marketing but not seeing sales increase."
"all you do is upload beats left and right, hoping for the best."
"you have a long list of email subscribers who never engage, or even worse — No list at all!"

If you find yourself wrestling with any of these issues, it’s not just bad luck; it’s a systemic problem that demands immediate attention.

The producer community needs
a serious ⏰ wake up call and it starts with confronting some uncomfortable truths ...

This is NOT okay 👎

Over-reliance on Third-party Platforms

Are you leaning on platforms like YouTube or online marketplaces to keep your sales afloat? You’re in a risky spot. Frankly, your business could take a hit overnight. It’s as if you’re building your house on someone else’s property.

Lack of Control

When you’re not in the driver’s seat, you have minimal control over customer experience, pricing, and performance of your business. A small could put your entire operation at risk.

Inconsistent Revenue Streams

If you’ve noticed erratic income patterns or have hit a plateau in sales despite increasing efforts, it’s a glaring red flag. Your methods no longer work and it requires a deeper understanding of ‘marketing & business’ to break through the barriers. 

Underutilizing Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to communicate directly with your audience is through email marketing. If you’re not capturing customer emails and engaging them with personalized, valuable content, you’re missing out on a key strategy to foster loyalty and drive repeat business.

Not Capitalizing on Customer Data

You absolutely need proper “data” to understand your customer behavior fully. Without this critical information, you’re unable to optimize your marketing strategies effectively. 

Wasted Effort

You may be putting in long hours, honing your product, and improving your craft, only to find that your sales don’t reflect your level of effort. Your hard work deserves to pay off, but it’s unlikely to if you’re not in control of your marketing and sales funnel from start to finish.

It's time to face the music! Marketing is no longer "Optional"...

We’re at a pivotal crossroads. We’ve entered the world of ecommerce, yet many of us are navigating it with blinders on, stuck in old ways and missing out on the full scope of what’s possible.

This needs to change. And that’s exactly why Soundee partnered with HEATE

We’ve engineered Soundee as a groundbreaking, one-stop solution to transform how you sell beats. But besides being a feature-rich platform, we’re your gateway to understanding ecommerce in a way that’s directly relevant to your craft. 

Think of us as your marketing toolkit, loaded with the advanced features, insights, and educational programs that will help you thrive in this new digital landscape.

We’re shifting the focus from what you’re selling to how you’re selling it. The days of ‘just create and upload’ are over. To be competitive and profitable, you need a well-rounded understanding of ecommerce strategies — from mastering email marketing, to automating marketing efforts to analyzing customer behavior.

And don’t worry, we’re with you every step of the way. It’s time to embrace the change, to evolve and adapt, and we’re here to guide you through this transformation. Let’s move this community forward, together.”

With great power comes great responsibility

With advanced technology comes the need for proper education. That’s why we’ve engineered our Launch Program to not just acquaint you with our platform, but to make you an expert in leveraging its unique capabilities.

HEATE workshops, masterclasses, mentorship & more

Gain free access to our six-month educational program led by the experts at HEATE. Get exclusive access to monthly workshops, masterclasses, and community events, all designed to maximize your beat sales using Soundee’s innovative features.

What you will learn


Mastering the Soundee Platform

Unlock the full potential of Soundee's platform. Customize your one-page beat store, manage pricing, set up real-time promotions, and more."


Strategy & Revenue Maximization

Dive deep into the art of creating high-converting marketing strategies. Understand pricing strategies, bulk deals, upselling, and more.


Email Marketing Masterclass

Unlock the power of lead generation and email marketing. Learn how to effortlessly capture leads through Soundee's advanced features, and turn those leads into loyal customers with proven email strategies. From welcome series to abandoned cart funnels, master the art of email communication


Holiday Sales Funnels

Maximize Seasonal Opportunities with Holiday Sales: Learn how to create compelling holiday-themed sales funnels that convert one-time buyers into lifelong customers. We'll cover everything from Black Friday bargains to Christmas specials, equipping you with the tools and templates you need to skyrocket your sales during high-traffic seasons.


Special Templates & Copywriting

Save time with our ready-to-use templates for sales funnels, emails, zaps, and more. Copy, paste, and customize, marketing your beats has never been easier.


Help Shape The Future of Selling Beats

Become an early adopter in the Soundee community, get special roles, community perks, voting power, and more to help steer the direction of Soundee!

You can’t lose with this. 

Your 6-month blueprint to boost your beat sales

Kick-off: Soundee Essentials

Get started setting up shop in Soundee. Design your custom store, familiarize yourself with Soundee's unique features, connect your apps, implement basic email marketing strategies to grow your list and launch a first Halloween Sales Campaign on Soundee. 

October 2023

Advanced Marketing Workshops, high-converting funnels, designing sales campaigns.

This months main topic will be Holiday Sales campaigns. Learn how to design and launch high-converting sales funnels and instantly apply your newfound knowledge to launch your very own 2023 Black Friday sales campaign with the help of resources and templates provided by HEATE.

November 2023

Advanced analytics, boosting sales without sending more traffic, optimizing your marketing efforts

As the end of the year is closing in, learn how to read your performance data, strategically increase your prices, and how to adjust and optimize your marketing efforts for continuous growth going into 2024. Apply your knowledge to design a custom Christmas or New Years Sales Campaign to end the year with a boost in sales!

December 2023

Set your goals, learn about automating your marketing efforts, build evergreen marketing strategies, find the right balance between music & marketing

The new year is here and it's time to set your goals. This month's main topic is on working "smarter", not "harder".  Have your past year performance data reviewed by the experts at HEATE and receive guidance to define and design your evergreen marketing strategies that will ensure consistent growth throughout 2024.

January 2024

Community learning, case studies, interviews, store reviews, and Q&A's

By now, you know enough to map out your Valentines Day sales campaign if you haven't yet. The rest of this month will be spend on sharing case studies from successful producers, learning from each others successes and failures during exclusive community events. 

February 2024

Introduction of Soundee Pro

👀 More details soon...

March 2024

Sticking with Soundee?

If you enjoyed the program and want to continue to use Soundee as your Beat Store, you'll get another month of Soundee for FREE.

April 2024, Program ends

Automate your marketing operations

Connect your Soundee account to over 5,000 apps

Effortlessly streamline your beat selling operations with Soundee’s seamless integration through Zapier.

Popular Zaps by Soundee users

Advanced Analytics

More metrics you can imagine

Introducing our state-of-the-art Analytics Dashboard, meticulously designed to provide you with the most comprehensive insights ever. Stay fully informed about your daily sales, top-performing beats, leading customer countries, and more critical metrics, all at your fingertips.

Thinking about joining Soundee? 🤩

Join the hundreds of producers who have joined Soundee since August 2023

The offer you can't refuse

This should be a no-brainer for you, really!

Soundee’s Launch Program is here to help you ride the wave of the next big thing in selling beats. We already know it’s gonna be the new standard, as it’s the most logical next step in the evolution of selling beats. So why not jump in early and get ahead of the curve?

  • Are you not happy with you current beat store?

    You owe it to yourself to explore something new. Even if it's just to get out of commissions, fees or subscription costs.

  • Afraid about making the jump to a new platform?

    That's fair! but who says you have to cancel your subscription on other platforms? This is your chance to explore and take advantage of the best of both worlds with little investment.

  • Are you worried about the investment?

    During our six month program, we have Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years. We have all the opportunities to help you make the most out of it. All YOU need is two sales using our system to return your investment.

  • $0.46/day to run your entire beat selling operation

    Do you realize that if you end up staying with Soundee, you get another free month? That's 7 months of Soundee + the Launch Program benefits for $97, which comes down to ~$0.46/day to run your store.

  • Do you know you have lifetime access to the Launch Program?

    The Launch Program is an initiative by HEATE, hosted on their platform. Even if you don't stay with Soundee, you'll keep access to all the workshops, masterclasses, and templates.

  • Don't think you'll learn something new?

    HEATE has a track-record of helping thousands of producers sell beats online, dozens of them now running six-figure online stores. Ask around, they really are the best in what they do.

🚀 Supercharge your beat sales with six months of Soundee for $97

Try Soundee for six months completely risk free. No commissions, no fees, not even a subscription!

Wanna stay with Soundee after six months? Enjoy an extra FREE month!

limited offer ends in:

  • Full access to all Soundee features

    We hold nothing back! Discover the full suite of standard and advanced Soundee features.

  • Join the Launch Program and boost sales!

    Learn everything there is to know about profitable sales strategies, email marketing, sales funnels, and more!

  • Ready-to-use templates & funnels

    Instantly start generating results by using our ready-to-use templates and funnels that will help you automate your marketing efforts.

  • No subscription required

    Explore the platform, install the templates, reap the benefits without any commitment to Soundee.

  • Early access benefits!

    Become an early adopter in the Soundee community, get special roles, community perks, voting power, and more to help steer the direction of Soundee!

Sign up for a one-time fee of only $97

If you want to continue using Soundee after six months, we'll even give you an extra FREE month on your subscription!

Already a HEATE or Soundee member?

As a token of our appreciation, existing Soundee members can enjoy additional benefits! 

Frequently asked questions

Questions about the Launch Program

What is the Soundee Launch Program?

The Soundee Launch Program is a 6-month educational initiative designed to empower beat producers with invaluable marketing skills while providing a comprehensive, feature-rich platform for beat selling. Participants in the program will enjoy exclusive access to monthly workshops, masterclasses, and community events led by our partners at HEATE who are specialists in marketing for music producers.

What if I already have a monthly/yearly subscription for Soundee?

As a token of our appreciation, we have special deals for early members.

Yearly plans: If you’re on a yearly plan, you’re getting FREE access to the Launch Plan + 50% Discount on your next renewal. 

Monthly Members and Free Trial Members can buy the Launch Program at $97 and get a FULL year of Soundee, instead of six months.  


Additionally, early members are tagged internally and will have a chance to become part of an exclusive community within Soundee soon. 

What will I learn during the Soundee Launch Program?

Over the course of the 6-month program, you’ll learn essential strategies to amplify your beat-selling game. Topics will cover everything from email marketing and lead generation to pricing strategies, conversion optimization, and seasonal sales funnels.

What kind of lifetime access do I get to the knowledge shared?

The educational material you gain access to during the Soundee Launch Program is yours to keep, forever. Even if you decide to leave the platform later, you can continue to benefit from the workshops, masterclasses, and other resources.

What happens after the 6-month Launch Program?

Upon completing the 6-month program, you’ll have the opportunity to transition to a Soundee monthly subscription. Choose to continue with us and we’ll gift you an extra month absolutely FREE. Consider it our way of expressing gratitude for your invaluable contribution to enhancing Soundee’s platform and services!

Why are you making this offer? What's the catch?

We’re launching the Soundee Launch Program because our platform introduces a set of unique, advanced features that are common in the general e-commerce world but relatively new to the beat-selling community. To help you get the most out of these tools, we’re including a robust educational component.


As for our side of things, these six months give us a golden opportunity to form a community, fine-tune the platform, and enhance the overall user experience. Think of it as a win-win situation: you gain valuable knowledge and a first-hand experience of our game-changing features, while we get to learn from you and make Soundee even better for future users. There’s no “catch,” just mutual benefit.

What do I need to participate in the Soundee Launch Program?

To make the most of the Soundee Launch Program, plan on setting aside at least an hour a week to advance your marketing skills. You’ll also need an Email Service Provider—we strongly recommend ConvertKit—and Zapier to automate your marketing tasks and integrate Soundee with other third-party apps.

What kind of templates will I receive?

You’ll receive a comprehensive set of templates that cover various aspects of digital marketing. These include importable email sequences complete with copy and content to engage your audience, as well as Zapier ‘Zaps’ to automate workflows and connect Soundee to third-party apps. Everything is designed to be plug-and-play, delivered in an importable format to make your life easier and speed up your marketing efforts.

Questions about Soundee

How is Soundee different from other beat-selling platforms?

On first glance, you’ll feel right at home with all the usual features a beat store offers by default. However, diving deeper under the hood, you’ll learn that Soundee is designed with both cutting-edge eCommerce features and a music producer’s needs in mind. Not only does it offer industry-standard functionalities, but it also integrates unique features that are geared towards maximizing your sales, allowing you to make the most out of the traffic you drive to your store.

What types of payments does Soundee accept?

Soundee accepts a wide range of payment methods to make transactions as convenient as possible for both you and your customers. This includes major credit cards, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, and several other secure online payment options.

What are the fees and commission rates on Soundee?

0% commission or fees on sales.

Is there a mobile app for Soundee?

Currently, we do not have a mobile app, but our platform is fully optimized for mobile use. This ensures that you and your customers have a seamless experience, whether you’re on a desktop or on the go. However, we are already exploring the options for development of a mobile App. More updates will be released soon. 

Can I sell digital products other than beats on Soundee?

Absolutely! Additional to licensing beats, you also sell custom services and sample packs. 

Will the Soundee templates and funnels work with other beat stores?

The marketing knowledge you’ll obtain can be applied anywhere, the templates however will only work in combination with Soundee. Frankly, there’s no other beat store that provides the integrations Soundee has to offer. 

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